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Our sprayable toners contain plenty of skin-loving ingredients that moisturise and nourish the skin. They balance the skin’s pH, minimise the look of pores and improve the effects and absorption of other skin care products. Toners are a versatile addition to every skin care routine; spray it to hydrate and freshen up the skin, apply with cotton pads to improve your cleansing routine or finish off your make-up by spritzing some toner on top for extra hydration and glow!

Olivia Klein Acne Spray Toner

Acne Spray Toner
Toner for oily and acne-prone skin
€24.90 / 150 ml

Olivia Klein Hydra Spray Toner

Hydra Spray Toner
Deep hydration toner
€18.90 / 150 ml

Olivia Klein Mineral Spray Toner

Mineral Spray Toner
Mineralising toner
€21.60 / 150 ml

Olivia Klein Sensitive Spray Toner

Sensitive Spray Toner
Soothing toner
€22.80 / 150 ml

Olivia Klein Vitamin Spray Toner

Vitamin Spray Toner
Nourishing toner
€21.90 / 150 ml