Skin Care

Youthful and Normal Skin

Caring for youthful and normal skin

This guide is meant as advice only and is based on Olivia Klein products and their use. It is not intended to replace medical treatment in any way. Skin problems should always be treated under the guidance of a trained medical professional. Please consult with your physician on the safe use of cosmetic products while you are on medication or any type of treatment for a skin condition.

Youthful and normal skin is clear, soft and supple. The skin has good superficial blood circulation and small pores, and it does not have any permanent dry patches or impurities. The skin might become shiny during the day, but it is not naturally oily. Despite looking and feeling perfect, youthful and normal skin requires care. The needs of the skin can fluctuate and change due to age, hormonal activity or environmental factors.

When caring for the skin it is most important to keep the skin clean, moisturised and protected from the sun. The best skin care products for youthful and normal skin are mild products designed for sensitive or dry skin.

Facial cleansing

Avoid cleansing the skin with nothing but water, as water can make the skin dry out. For a light cleanse and to freshen up the skin it’s best to use a hydrating toner, as this retains the skin’s natural pH and supports the absorption of skin care products.

For daily cleansing, we recommend our mild and sulphate-free Jelly Wash cleansing gel, which will cleanse the skin gently and leave it feeling fresh and matte. Jelly Wash is also suitable for make-up removal but removing highly pigmented make-ups might require a double cleanse.

Using a facial cleansing cloth is a great way to gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate superficial blood circulation. Always use warm water and avoid harsh rubbing.

Facial deep cleansing

Regular exfoliation, masks and oil treatments help the skin maintain an ideal moisture content. Youthful and normal skin does not require frequent deep cleansing, so we recommend exfoliation and mask treatments once per week, and oil cleansing only when necessary.

Our clay-based exfoliation powder gently peels the skin and absorbs impurities. Our charcoal-based Detox Masque is a super gentle, hydrating cream mask that leaves the skin moisturised, soft and supple, while minimising the look of pores.

Oil cleansing is an effective way to deep cleanse the skin; it helps control oiliness by normalising the skin’s natural sebum production and leaves the skin soft and hydrated without the need to add moisturiser.

Bath and shower

To uphold the softness and vitality of youthful and normal skin, we recommend the gentlest wash possible. Avoid using hot water, daily baths or showers and strong cleansers, so that the skin barrier remains intact. A healthy skin barrier upholds the skin’s natural moisture balance and immunity, ensuring that the skin does not become dry, rough or irritated.

For daily cleansing we recommend using any mild, sulphate-free cleansing gel, but make sure to replenish the skin’s moisture content and pH by applying a toner and moisturiser afterwards. Cream cleansing should be done regularly to keep the skin soft and moisturised.

Body exfoliation

Youthful and normal skin is not in need of regular exfoliation, but infrequent mechanical peeling with a cleansing cloth can help support the skin’s regeneration, prevent dryness and stimulate superficial blood circulation. We recommend using a cleansing cloth in combination with a cream cleanser so that the skin stays soft and moisturised.


Toners are an important part of every successful skin care routine. Toners are packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that care for the skin while also restoring the skin’s pH and supporting the effects and absorption of other skin care products. Always spray the skin moist with toner before applying moisturiser; this way, you’ll reduce the amount of moisturiser you need and make your product last much longer. This also reduces itchiness and burning caused by applying product directly onto sensitive, delicate skin.

For your daily moisturising routine, we recommend our deeply hydrating, aloe vera-rich Hydra Spray Toner or our sea salt and hyaluronic acid Mineral Spray Toner. Our rose water-based Sensitive Spray Toner is great for soothing occasional redness and irritation.

Facial skin care

Daily moisturising is essential to improving the skin’s moisture content and replenishing a damaged skin barrier. Apply toner and moisturiser in moderation several times a day to avoid over-treating the skin, and to gauge the exact needs of your skin on a day-to-day basis. Youthful and normal skin is not in need of any deep treatment, but serums can be used whenever needed to help ease symptoms such as dryness and redness.

Our light and quickly absorbing Hydra Lotion is the best choice for everyday moisturising and for priming light, day-time make-up. Our deeply hydrating Hydra Serum contains plenty of vitamin B3 and hyaluronic acid, making it perfect for replenishing moisture and controlling redness and irritation.

Body skin care

We recommend using light, quickly absorbing moisturisers as part of your daily skin care routine. Base Lotion is a mild body lotion suitable for everyday use to uphold the skin’s moisture content. Our softening Optimal Lotion promotes the natural peeling of the skin, making it the better choice for preventing dry, rough patches from forming.

Scalp care

A gentle clay wash will help ease any occasional itchiness and flakiness caused by dry scalp. To achieve a clay wash, add a bit of our clay exfoliation powder to a mild shampoo and massage the scalp gently. Our pink kaolin clay and sodium bicarbonate hair powder can be sprinkled into the roots to absorb occasional oiliness during the day.

  • Olivia Klein Deep Peel

    Deep Peel

    Exfoliation powder
    55 g

  • Olivia Klein Dry Deo

    Dry Deo

    Powder deodorant and hair powder
    55 g


Controlling impurities and oiliness

Our acne family products are fantastic when used infrequently to control occasional impurities and oiliness. Please remember that a sudden onset of oiliness can be caused by the skin having dried out, which has led the skin to overproduce sebum. Therefore, when treating oiliness, don’t neglect to moisturise frequently and only use acne care products when necessary.

For treating individual impurities, inflamed hair follicles and small problem areas, we recommend using our charcoal cleansing gel as a mask treatment. Spread a small amount of gel onto the desired area and let dry. If necessary, the gel can be left to set overnight. Remove the gel with toner and a cotton pad and moisturise.

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