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Finding the right products can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming, but not to worry! We wrote this guide specifically so that you can quickly and easily find the best products for any purpose. This guide is just meant to point you in the right direction—please go ahead and have a look at our (much more extensive) skin care guides and visit your local Olivia Klein stockist to get specific advice tailored to your skin.

The best starter kit

This combo is the best for getting acquainted with our products if you’re completely new to our brand! Our super hydrating Hydra family is perfect for daily use on all skin types.

Hydration for dry, flaky and eczema-prone skin

Dry skin can be itchy, red and flaky. Regular use of these products will help you replenish your skin’s moisture content. Our honey and oat extract cleansing gel will help the skin retain moisture while cleansing. Using our clay exfoliation powder is a gentle way to relieve flakiness.

Soothing sensitivity, redness and rosacea

When caring for red and sensitive skin, it’s important to boost the skin’s moisture content and strengthen its protective barrier. Our rose water-based products and our vitamin B3-rich Hydra Serum soothe irritation, even skin tone and prevent the skin from drying out. Using a gentle cleansing gel is a must. Redness can be controlled but not cured—caring for your skin regularly will guarantee the best results!

Controlling acne and impurities

Our Acne family is specially formulated to soothe inflammation, control oiliness and gently exfoliate the skin. Charcoal-based products cleanse the skin efficiently, yet gently. Our rooibos extract serum supports acne treatment, minimises the look of pores and leaves the skin firm and supple. Don’t forget to moisturise!

Reducing spots and blackheads

A charcoal-based cleanser, clay exfoliation powder and (especially!) oil cleansing are the best ways to beat persistent spots and blackheads. A cleansing hydration mask can be left to work overnight. Please don’t try to dry out your skin to get rid of impurities—remember to moisturise!

Nourishing ageing, dull and damaged skin

Nourish and rejuvenate the skin with essential vitamins and a mineral-rich toner. Protect the delicate skin around the eyes with a moisturising concentrate.

Improving the appearance of fine lines and scars

Sadly we can’t heal fine lines and scars with cosmetics but products with hyaluronic acid, MSM and DMAE can go a long way in improving their appearance by providing the skin with plenty of moisture, firmness and suppleness. The products must be used regularly to maintain results. Remember to keep the skin extremely well hydrated.

Soothing itchiness, irritation and hot sensations

Our aloe vera hydration gel is great for soothing itchiness, irritation and sensations of heat on the skin. Spraying the affected area with toner provides the quickest relief (any of our toners will do, but we think Mineral Spray Toner is the best one here). These products will ease the symptoms, but please make sure to find out what’s causing them! For extra cooling power, keep the products in your refrigerator before use.

Softening rough, calloused or scaly skin

Soften rough, calloused and scaly skin by spraying the skin with our sea salt toner and applying our goat milk moisturising cream immediately afterwards. Opt for cream cleansers instead of cleansing gels and regularly apply thick cream masks. You can improve the softening effect of your cream mask by placing a warm, moist cloth over it. When the skin has started to recover, we recommend using a softening oil moisturiser and regular (but gentle!) exfoliation.

Caring for dry hands and feet

We recommend a mild, moisture-protecting cleansing gel for washing the hands and feet. Exfoliate regularly with a gentle exfoliation powder but be careful not to exfoliate too often so that the skin doesn’t begin to harden in response. A regular cream mask will moisturise and soften the skin efficiently; leave a thick layer of cream on overnight and protect the skin with cotton gloves or socks. Our quickly absorbing Base+ Lotion is the best choice for daytime use.

Treating an itchy, flaky scalp

Scalp itchiness and flakiness can be caused by a rash, inflammation, illness or dryness, so please make sure you find out what’s causing your symptoms before treating them! Use a mild, sulphate-free shampoo for washing the hair and scalp. Adding our exfoliation powder to your shampoo and massaging the scalp makes for a great gentle and exfoliating clay wash. Keep the scalp soft and moisturised with a regular cream or oil mask.

Detangling brittle or damaged hair

Detangle the hair only when it’s either completely dry or completely wet. Use a sparse comb or a natural bristle hair brush and work out the tangles as gently as possible, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots. Add plenty of our leave-in or regular hair conditioner to add glide to the hair. When using leave-in conditioner, spray directly into dry or wet hair and brush gently. When using regular conditioner, spread into wet hair, detangle using a sparse comb and rinse the hair thoroughly.

Priming and setting make-up

Our light Hydra Lotion and richer Balance Cream are great for priming mineral powders and water-based make-ups. Our nourishing Vitamin Cream is suitable for priming oil-based make-ups. Our Restore Concentrate is an excellent primer for eye make-up and other delicate areas of the face. For a hydration-boosting finishing touch, spray some toner moderately over your make-up. Be careful not to spray too much, though, as our toners are meant for nourishing the skin, so they don’t have any setting ingredients! Alternatively, spray a bit of toner on your make-up sponge and dab lightly.

Cleansing methods for make-up removal

To completely remove make-up, we recommend you always double cleanse using mild and gentle cleansing products that help the skin retain moisture. A traditional gel cleanse is perfect for removing light, everyday make-up. A cream or oil cleanser will effectively remove water-proof eye make-up as well as highly pigmented make-ups. Always use toner after cleansing to restore moisture and pH.

Refreshing and hydrating sun-exposed skin

Your skin needs to be refreshed and hydrated whenever you’ve been out in the sun! Our aloe vera hydration gel is wonderfully light and it cools down and freshens up the skin immediately. Replenish the skin’s moisture by spraying it with plenty of hydrating toner. Rejuvenate sun-exposed skin with our nourishing vitamin C serum. For extra cooling power, store the products in your refrigerator before use!

Did the guide help you find what you were looking for? If something was missing, please let us know!

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