Cosmetics recycling

Beauty should be clean

We are a zero-waste company, which means that we recycle and repurpose everything we possibly can. We use nothing but 100% recyclable, non-toxic packaging materials. Please recycle all your empty cosmetics packaging—let’s make our world cleaner together!

Product packaging

All our products come packaged in transparent, phthalate-free PET plastic bottles. PET is a food grade plastic that is entirely non-toxic and recyclable. PET does not release harmful chemicals and recycling it requires only a tenth of the energy required to recycle glass.

The pumps and caps we use are made from recyclable PELD and PP plastics. The metallic spring contained in the pump does not affect its recyclability. Empty bottles, pumps and caps can all be recycled with mixed plastics or general recycling. The cardboard outer packaging can be placed in mixed cardboard recycling.

Wash cloths

Our wash cloths are made by hand in Finland using TCF bleached (Totally Chlorine Free, or ‘oxygen bleached’) cotton. Please use your wash cloth for as long as possible; it can be washed at up to 90°C! If your wash cloth is reaching the end of its life, then sadly it belongs in general waste.

Gift boxes, flyers and business cards

All our gift sets are packaged in recyclable paper bags or cardboard boxes. Our marketing materials are printed on 100% recycled paper. Our business cards are completely paper-free—they are produced entirely from the excess cotton left over from clothing manufacture! All of these can be placed in mixed paper recycling.