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Clean cosmetics

Clean cosmetics are ecologically produced and safe for people and the environment. Naturally derived, organically farmed ingredients and entirely recyclable, non-toxic packaging materials are essential to clean cosmetics.

Clean cosmetics do not include filler ingredients, such as added fragrances, colours or texture-improving ingredients, which are not required for the product to function. Clean cosmetics are effective, long-lasting and multipurpose, and this way they help reduce the unnecessary and excessive everyday use of cosmetics.

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Our story

My starting point was to create an allergy-friendly product line

I suppose all the best ideas come about when you’re trying to solve your own problems. At least that’s what happened to me. My 20 years’ experience among various cosmetics and beauty salons has left me sensitised and allergic to nearly all the products I used to use.

My skin is extremely sensitive and prone to eczema. I suffer from chronic hives and lactose intolerance, and gluten gives me both skin and stomach problems. I’m also hypersensitive to fragrances, colours and sulphate cleansing products. Mascaras and eye shadows make my eyes itch and run, and none of the deodorants I’ve tried have suited my skin.

Once I realised I can’t be the only one struggling with these issues, I decided to do something about it. I set myself a goal to create an effective, naturally derived product line, which is above all else suitable for those of us who face skin problems every day. Today I can say I feel privileged and grateful, being able to provide them with an answer.

Olivia Klein, founder

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Beauty must be simple, clean and approachable


We respect the environment. Our ingredients are pure and environmentally friendly. Our raw ingredients are responsibly produced, and we favour organic farming. We operate on a zero-waste basis, which means we recycle and repurpose everything we possibly can. We use nothing but completely recyclable, non-toxic packaging materials.


We work for the good of others. We will always stay a small and approachable company. We work closely with our partners, retailers and customers. We believe in transparency, integrity and cooperation. We want to bring more good and beauty into the world.


We believe in simplicity. Each ingredient we use is necessary. We don’t use added fragrances or colours. We communicate things clearly and succinctly. We want to make beauty easy and care-free.